The purpose behind the online courses is to provide the pupil with the necessary skills and knowledge for his/her professional development.

Who can benefit from these online courses?

The online courses are addressed to any musician, regardless the level or instrument, that wish to make a start or improve upon their knowledge of contemporary music and/or Jazz.

At the same time, these online lessons can be of great help for those preparing for the Music College entrance test on the areas of Contemporary Music or Jazz

They can also be of interest to music academies seeking the advantages of quality training through video conferencing.

What will I learn?

Subjects covered are as follows:

  • Improvisation
  • Composition
  • Rhythm training
  • Ear training
  • Jazz Harmony

These areas will be covered according to the trainers’ criteria and taking into account the specific needs of each pupil.

Students taking classes on the Electric guitar or Jazz guitar will have the opportunity to focus on the technique and repertoire of this instrument.

What´s an online lesson like?

For all online lessons video conferencing through Skype is employed. Each class is on an individual basis and lasts one hour.

This technology allows pupils to interact with their teacher via a digital blackboard, allowing screen captures of the exercises and receive and transfer any type of files.  

If you are interested in our online courses and wish to receive more information about timetables and fees, please send a message by clicking on CONTACT on our website.

Carlos Bernal in Skype

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